I’m sitting in front of an ancient air conditioner.  I might just be wasting electricity since there’s still sweat dripping down my face.  I’m thoroughly ill prepared for summer in New England.  Having spent my entire July and the majority of June and some of August in Olde England, my body was able to forget about the existence of oppressive humidity. Well, bad news, old pal… parts of our body are sticking to other parts of our body that we didn’t even know existed.

The new place is getting along nicely.  I unpacked my only contributions to the household today: Nintendo Wii, games, movies.  Cassy, one of my roommates, has a superior movie collection.  I have Nirvana and Ergs DVDs, she has Persepolis and other “films”.  Brizer has beer that he brews himself, and actually just walked into the house with groceries.  When I start making money, I’ll be able to contribute more.  Until then, I’m working 40 hours a week and not even getting my first paycheck until next Friday.  It’s been three weeks, and still nothing.  I’ve been selling off my records for pocket cash.  Sold my TV for rent money.  Doing oddjobs for the landlords to keep the rent down.  It all works out in the end, I’m sure.  Don’t spoil it for me, though.

Five shows going on at the house this month!  Go to the facebook page and check it out.  I don’t have much else to say today.


Just a thought


I miss my old acquaintances.  The ones I had in a previous relationship, ones I won’t have back.  I don’t want the relationship back, but I definitely think that I miss the lost connections.  Both family and friends.  Some, I wasn’t even very close to, but that doesn’t change a thing.  I want it back.  I think I do, at least.

I think that I just want everything to be simple.  I want everything organized, neatly and tidally, right in front of me.  But that’s always been my problem, and that way of thinking has shaped my life in many ways, and I’m happy for where I am, but it’s also been a burden and a hassle.  On others as well as on myself.  There’s a time and a place for serious changes, and I’m beginning to think that the time is now.

I’ve been writing a bit.  A lot more than I have in a long time.  And I’m reading.  Again, a lot more than I have in a long time.  I’m currently reading Brighton Rock, and it might be the best thing I’ve read in a long time.  For class, I just finished the His Dark Materials series, and it was pretty damn intense.  Children’s literature is really an astonishing thing.  I think it’s where I want to be.  I think I just wish that I could live in a romanticized world of art, where everything I see can inspire me, but that just doesn’t happen.  Not for me, at least.  I can’t just give up on my music and television.  I can’t quit my job.  And I can’t stay in England.  Only four more days.  Three, actually, since I spend all of Friday on a plane.

Saw Pains of Being Pure at Heart in Scotland.  They were really great.  Only slightly better than the opening act, the Astrel Planes.  I think that was their name.  They didn’t say on stage, and I asked afterwards, but I got a couple of varying answers from the band members that I asked.  No merch, either.  It was a bit frustrating to hear and dance to a great band, only to find out that they don’t care if you leave empty handed, without even a concrete idea of who the fuck they were.  But I’m no manager.  They can do what they want.

Booking shows again.  Queers in January at the Stone Church, with the Apers, I think.  As for the house, talking to Mean Jeans and a couple others.  Hopefully 2011 can beat 2010.  It’ll have to work damn hard.

T.S. Eliot, tell me what is so important about Tiresias, please.  Then maybe this paper can write itself.


I’ve been in England now for a couple of weeks.  And it’s awesome.  Saw Shakespeare’s grave (Okay, well is was 50 pence to go up to his actual grave, and I wasn’t about to pay to see a grave inside a church, but I saw it from a distance), Winter’s Tale performed very amazingly, and I’ve gone to Canterbury, Stafford-Upon-Avon, Dover (HUGE castle), and I’ll be going to Edinburgh and London in the next few weeks.  Considering Paris next weekend, but I’m not sure yet.

The drinking has been a bunch of fun, too.  We have a pub here on campus, connected to the dining hall, called the Buttery, and everything is very cheap.  Weird drinking with professors, but I could get used to it.  I spoke with the bartender, and he told me that they have the bar on campus so that they can keep an eye on students and conclude whether or not they’re drinking healthy amounts.  A pretty genius idea.  They keep it cheap so that the students don’t stray, but they’re aloud to if they want.  Also, no public drinking laws here, so we can take booze anywhere and everywhere.  It’s so much more relaxed than the states.  My only problem is that there’s no over-serving laws, I don’t think, or they aren’t enforced, at least.  Almost any time you go out after dark (which falls at around 11), you’re bound to see a fight.

I’ve gone a couple times now to a pub called the Eagle, and it’s where DNA was discovered.  Awesome, right?  Nerds drink here, too.

Here in the Junior Common Room, we’ve started a new tradition (bound, I bet, to only happen a couple of times) called Low Table.  On Friday, it consisted of me drinking way too much, blasting hip hop and pop punk from my computer and playing Kings (I mentioned drinking way too much, right?).  Not sure if pictures exist from that night.  I kind of hope so, though.  Definitely my favorite night so far.

Homework time.  Because yeah, I have classes, too.

Right now, I’m in the Conway between Dover and Beverly.  I guess for twenty-two years, eleven moves (well, actually, I’ve lived four places in Dover, but three went uninterrupted by other towns…) isn’t too bad, but it could be better.  I’m in my new downsizing phase that will probably last me a while.  I’m selling off the records that I’ve been collecting for about nine years, but it isn’t hurting nearly as badly as I had originally thought it might.  I’m keeping some of the important ones that have special sentiment [Operation Ivy – Hectic, Green Day – 1,000 Hours; Sweet Children], but I’m selling off most of the rest.  I need to fund this trip to England, and I tend to think that with the help of the internet, I’ll be able to track down every single one of these records in the future if I really feel the need to own them again.  I also got rid of my bass and bass amp which, if I had known I would be moving out of Dover so soon, I might have held onto, since there’s plenty of amps and guitars at Slaughterhouse 5 that I could have easily borrowed for practice.

Healthy eating and working out are my goals for the next seven weeks before I leave to England.  I should try and get used to biking and eating bland foods.  My bike is actually the only thing that I wasn’t able to take from Dover during the move today, so I’ll have to grab it on Friday when I head back down for work.

I’ve been having nice weekends lately, and I know I’ll certainly miss those in England, too.  Also, it’s time to get stressed.  Business time is soon approaching.  Eight weeks?  I doubt it, but maybe sixteen if we buckle down.

I’m getting pretty psyched on seeing the Smoking Popes at Insub Fest this summer.  I’m pretty sure several cars full of people will be heading down from New Hampshire.  I should get my tickets already, I guess.

I’m off to buy my cap and gown in a few minutes.  I hadn’t planned on walking.  In fact, we had told our families months ago that we wouldn’t be, but I’ve since gone in a new direction and I’ve decided to walk.  It is my parents’ money, anyways, I guess.

Halfway to Halloween show on April 30th should be fun.  I’m more excited for Punk Rock Prom, though.  What should the theme be?  Arabian Nights?  Or maybe 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?  I need to get started on the superlatives.  I hope someone spikes the punch.

EDIT: 4/13 – turns out I was supposed to pick up my c&g today, not yesterday, but forgot.  I have five minutes to get there, and I’m not feeling so ambitious.

Oh, this!


So it’s raining out, not to mention cold and gloomy.  Zander is playing God of War 3 and Tiger is cleaning himself.  So, update!

I’ve been feeling the need to read and write more lately, probably out of some sort of English student guilt, not unlike Catholic guilt.  I’m graduating in May and taking my final two classes this summer in Cambridge, England.  With life quickly coming at me, I can’t help but wonder where my actual enjoyment for the literary field went.  Only a couple years ago, I was gung-ho on starting a literary magazine called Grove Street Monthly.  I even bought special paper and envelopes to send out to those who I wanted to contribute.  Now, I can’t get five pages into Siddhartha without wanting to do the dishes or pet the cat instead.  Come fall, I hope I don’t lose the little English passion that I can barely cling onto already.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  I’ve gone back to editing my stories from this semester, and at least one of them isn’t disappointing me.  Maybe I should staple it to my forehead.


This is Adventure Time... adorable, right?

In other news, Adventure Time has begun airing, and if you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend doing so.  To paraphrase Matt, it’s as if there was a world with no parents.  Now that I think of it, though, I live in a world sort of like that one, and I’m not too sure it’s even as fun as Lumpy Space.  You’ll get that joke when you watch the show, I think.

Records I can’t stop listening to and will become sick of soon:

Check check


Why go to work when Maeby has to go to the vet?